Applying for a job with us

Our recruitment process follows simple steps which allow our team to find the right candidate for the job.

The recruitment and selection process is explained below in simply steps:



You can find our application form located above in our advertised positions along with the position description to that job. Your application also requires a Traffic history check from your Department of Transport in your state (below are links to assist you with this).


If successful in the short listing process HR makes contact with you to take it that step further for an interview with the supervisor or recruiting officer.


You interview will either be conducted onsite or via phone. This is usually done by our recruiting officer or supervisor with some short questions.


Before we can successfully offer you the position you must complete a series of assessments which allow us to be able to make the best decision. A driver assessment examines your knowledge and understanding of the position and how competent you are. You will also be screened with a Drug and Alcohol test from an outsource company combined with a Functional Capacity Evaluation which is where a simulated work environment is created similar to what you would expect to be working in and also testing your healthy and wellbeing. We strive for a safe work environment and for this to be achieved we need to consider the health and wellbeing of our applicants. The FCE is then followed with a final medical appointment with our companies GP. We have allocated Driver trainers to then help you along the way if successful with all of the above.


A series of inductions need to be completed in order for you to be able to commence work. Our customers also have the mindset of safety in the wellbeing of each of our applicants. Classroom and site specific inductions will be completed by our Safety department.

For more information on how to GROW with us
–    Please contact our Human resources team on 07 4952 0100 or email